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Last updated 12/7/2015 at 6:27am

The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group met yesterday (Dec.4). The Chairman Rich Caldwell was absent from proceedings. Linda Haddock from the Chamber of Commerce, Bill Berkley of Rams Hill and Patrick Meehan from the Sun were among the people in attendance.

Patrick Meehan asked the group if they had heard any more about the Medical Centre building. The group hadn’t but had received some questions from the County in regards to it. Mr. Meehan then brought up the question about the County Park and asked if it was going to be referred back to them after the various meetings. They thought it would and also the majority of the group were pleased with the designs.

The Sponsor Group then went on to reading and questioning of the first 45 pages of the 108 page community plan. Despite the fact that the public were not meant to be included in proceedings, they were allowed to pose questions at the end.

Rebecca Falk read from page 3 of the plan:

Implementation of this Plan should be monitored on a periodic basis by the County and the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group for progress towards its implementation. For compliance with State law, the plan shall be reviewed no less than once annually so that its implementation status may be included in the County's Annual General Plan Report to the State. The annual review provides the opportunity for the plan to be updated and amended, as appropriate, to reflect changes in the community vision, conditions or attitudes.

Sam Webb, a Sponsor Group member who like Caldwell, had worked on its creation, became enflamed at the suggestion of changing the plan however some members felt that changes may be warranted, as did Linda Haddock and Bill Berkley, when they were able to comment at the end.

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