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Trash at Christmas Circle


Last updated 12/29/2015 at 7:02am

The gentleman and lady that clean up at Christmas Circle have a problem that really needs to be aired. Some people are dropping off huge amounts of personal trash in and around the trash cans there, which are supposed to only Only ONLY be used for trash generated there at the Circle.

This is an ongoing problem. I became aware of it last year when I saw them having to tear open a huge black bag which was so heavy they couldn't lift it or drag it to their small truck. So there they were, having to open these bags, and separate the trash into smaller bags so they could haul it away .... and you guys, with coffee grounds and, well, all the disgusting schlop, all kinds of household trash – omigosh, what a horrible job that is.

They have told people who have been bringing trash there that they can't dump it at the Circle, that everyone needs to pay for trash service at their own homes .... and have been told "Can't afford it," (to which she responded, my friend, "We can't afford it either, but we pay for it,"); others have said, "Don't care," "Too bad," and so on. This is clearly household trash, not just paper plates and such from Christmas Circle park itself. She says they even find bills in the trash, with names and all. However, talking to their bosses has not resulted in any changes, or action, that my friends can tell. This is just wrong, the work you can see is just ridiculous. Come on Borrego, what can we do to help change this for these two elder hardworking citizens? It's just not right that this has gone on for years .... they should not be having to do this to dispose of some locals' home garbage! Any suggestions?

Christina Warren

Borrego Springs

EDITOR'S NOTE: A call goes out to local service groups and clubs to fund and place a community dumpster near Christmas Circle to curb dumping.

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