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Warner Springs - Thurs 11.30 am. Golf Course Ribbon Cutting


Last updated 11/11/2015 at 10:09am

Warner Springs Ranch Golf Club is opened by Bill Horn, County Supervisor. With Fred Grand, President of Pacific Hospitality Group, who own the Ranch, stood next to him,

Michael Sadler, the Sun’s voice of golf is playing today and will report fully in the Borrego Sun Paper.

The course is hosting a charity event with a breakfast buffet at 6.30am, to open the event tomorrow Fri. Nov.6, in support of The Ramona Outdoor Community Center (ROCC ). The ROCC is an all - voluntary organization presenting major events that bring visitors to Ramona with no County, State, or Federal support.

A barbecue will be served on the course and there will be an awards Banquet Luncheon.

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