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Doctors on Probation Proposal


Last updated 10/28/2015 at 1:05pm

According to the Director of the Safe Patient Project for Consumers Union, Lisa McGiffert, the interests of patients should be put first, and the Medical Board of California should require doctors on probation to inform those they treat. “Patients should not be kept in the dark when their doctor has been put on probation.”

The Consumers Union petition notes approximately 500 doctors currently on probation for substance abuse, gross negligence, sexual misconduct, inappropriate prescribing and other violations.

The California Medical Association is opposed to the Consumers Union proposal, claiming it would “put a burden on the physician-patient relationship and take time away from important patient appointments that are already limited.” They also said this information is already online anyway. The Consumers Union countered with the fact that the group most likely to seek medical care is senior citizens who are also the least likely to use online sources.

This proposal will be debated publicly by the Medical Board at its quarterly meeting Friday in downtown San Diego.


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