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Oktoberfest at Bighorn Bar & Grill


Last updated 10/22/2015 at 11:50am

Michael Sadler

Tim Simonak with a bottle of Punkin Drublic – a hit with the diners.

Two events happened simultaneously this past weekend –Oktoberfest at the Big Horn Bar and Grill, and the 10th annual season Opening Weekend gala at the Springs at Borrego Golf Course and RV Park, both events on Oct.3.

The first of what could well be the start of yearly Oktoberfest celebrations in Borrego Springs, this one at the Big Horn Bar and Grill, "Went better than expected," according to organizer Karen Haley. Haley has lived in Borrego five months now, having survived her first summer.

Michael Sadler

Borrego Blues and Dance All Stars performing at the Springs gala.

"It's been great," added artist Alice Brunner, who provided all the magnificent blackboard signage in colored chalk. Celia Lawly provided the entertainment, and she succeeded in compelling audience members to join the band with ad hoc musical instruments.

Jeanette Treadway hosted the wine tasting, but the big hit in beverages was the $5 dollar 'Punkin Drublic,' a pumpkin-spiced ale from Coronado Brewery, proudly displayed by Big Horn manager Tim Simanek in the photo. Punkin Drublic was served with the $12.99 meal special, 'A Taste of Oktoberfest,' consisting of 'Drunken Bratwurst' (with caramelized onions, saurkraut, and brown mustard).

Also on Saturday evening was the 10th annual gala at the Springs at Borrego, hosted by Dan Wright. The RV fee for the entire weekend was only $50 dollars. There was also food and entertainment; the band Borrego Blues and Dance All Stars provided an evening of music and dancing under the stars.

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