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Julian Arts Guild Show & Sale


Last updated 10/22/2015 at 10:55am

Denny DuVall

Watercolors by Angela Simpson

The Julian Town Hall spotlighted the annual Julian Arts Guild show Sept. 4, 5, and 6. This event has been in existence every year since 1973.

I am compelled to warn you that I know nothing about art of any kind. I wouldn't know a Picasso from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So you won't have to suffer a reporter telling you that the artist's picture was a reflection of his passive mood, or some other idiotic comment. I represent the average poor husband/boyfriend that is forced to go to one of these shows, and has to pretend to enjoy it. These events always fall on a date that is a big game, or some other event that a guy would rather attend. Remember guys ... Happy Wife – Happy Life!

The first thing I did was to walk around the whole display and note the names of the artists that were showing their art. Then I took random pictures of the different works.

Here are some tips, guys ... if the painting is kind of lumpy or has raised streaks, it is probably an 'oil' painting. If it looks a little faded, but no lumps, it is probably a 'watercolor' painting. If it is different from that, just look at it intently, and some one will say what a nice charcoal (or type) of picture it really is. Now be careful here, guys. Let's say the wife has fallen behind and catches up with you at the 'charcoal' painting. You might be tempted to ask her what she thinks of the 'charcoal' painting. Now this might impress her, or it might convince her you are interested in art, and you will be going to art shows from now on. Steer you wife past any 'abstract' art. This will probably look to you like the artist used a clean piece of canvas to clean his brushes on, and if your wife likes it, is going to cost you thousands of dollars to bring it home. (End of my helpful hints guys. You are on your own.)

Denny DuVall

Gourd Art by Don Weeke

This show was represented by many different artists, and types of art. Evelyn Goldschmidt-Cindy Hedgecock--Beryl Warnes (weaver)--Rex Harrison-William Overy-Shawn Smith-Linda Todd-Dorthy Mushet-Bill Duffy-Angela Simpson-Shawn Smith-Helen Actre-Deborah Lea Butts-Leslie Wagner-Ed White-Barbara Nigro (President Julian Arts Guild)--Deb Behnke-Anne Garcia-and Don Weeke. These are all Julian locals, and surrounding area.

Now you have to promise to keep this paragraph secret between you and me. I really did have a fun time at this show, and yes, I did learn about different types of art. This group of artists are good enough, that even a dummy like me can enjoy what they have created. No, I won't become a 'critic,' nor do I want to be. Instead, I hope to check it out next year, and if no one recognizes me, I will have another article on the Julian Arts Guild.

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