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Watershed Relief Map Unveiled


Last updated 10/7/2015 at 1:53pm

Volcan Mountain Foundation now has a watershed relief map to teach visitors about Volcan Mountain’s vital watershed sources; giving them a hands-on experience of the watershed’s function.

Kathleen Beck, Education Coordinator for the Foundation envisioned the 3D representation of the mountain over a year ago and presented the idea to artist Eleanor Warner. Contributors raised the money to make the map a reality and this week the map was finally completed and delivered.

Part of the hands-on watershed lesson allows visitors to spray “rain” over the very detailed relief map to watch how the water flows on its journey to the Pacific Ocean and the Salton Sea. The map is part of the interpretive displays at VMF’s Nature Center located at the end of Farmers Road at the base of Volcan Mountain. For more information about Volcan Mountain visit

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