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Salton Sea -2nd Animal Control Sweep


Last updated 10/14/2015 at 9:11am

Following on from their first successful sweep, Riverside County animal control officers captured a further 34 dogs in the Salton Sea communities of North Shore and Mecca on Oct. 13. Citing ten people for being out of compliance with pet regulations.

Twenty dogs were found wandering unattended in Mecca and 14 more were picked up in North Shore.

“I commend the department for being responsive to our constituents and for their focused and proactive efforts to enforce county ordinances and make the streets safer for children, senior citizens and families.’’

The dogs captured, were taken to the department’s shelter facility in Thousand Palms, to be examined by veterinarians. Those animals not claimed by their owners will be made available for adoption, if they’re deemed to have sufficiently safe temperaments for placement.

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