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Picture of the Day - Columbus Day Protest


Last updated 10/15/2015 at 9:34am

Miguel Rocha

Almo Charles Strongwind Maldonado protesting against Columbus Day.

One might sympathize with both American Indians' past treatment by Christopher Columbus and his successors, and the American Indian Movement (AIM) calling for an end to Columbus Day (to be changed to Native Indigenous Day), but protest messaging is everything. In this case correct spelling ... of the two largest words in the sign! That sort of thing is counterproductive, considerably diluting the intended message.

Miguel Rocha

Columbus Day is celebrated the second Monday of October and signifies Christopher Columbus' arrival and discovery of America on October 12, 1492. In 1937 the day became a federal holiday although being previously celebrated. In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison called upon people to celebrate its 400th anniversary. Teachers, preachers, poets and politicians used the day to teach ideals of patriotism, such as supporting war, citizenship boundaries and the importance of loyalty. In 1970, Columbus Day was changed to the current observation on the second Monday in October.

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