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Bill To Decrease Hit and Runs


Last updated 10/7/2015 at 1:50pm

Assembly Bill 8, recently signed into law, proposes electronic signs across California to be used for catching those involved in hit and run collisions.

When a sufficient description of a suspect is known, a “Yellow Alert” will transmit information via electronic signs for motorists to keep a look-out for suspects and reporting relevant clues to authorities.

The bill aims to help prevent hit and runs because people will know if they flee they will likely be caught, and if they still flee, it will help solve the case.

When Denver used a similar program the city’s arrest rate increased 76 percent causing the entire state of Colorado to employ the system.

Previously, the electronic freeway signs have only been used for major traffic delays, such as along 1-10, and Amber Alerts. The Yellow Alert system will increase the use of the electronic signs along the roadways, so be prepared to take notice.

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