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Akrofest Winner


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Malcom Pond was the overall winner of the contest.

The Akrofest Aerobatic Tournament held its prize-giving at the Borrego Springs Resort on Saturday night, Oct. 10. Malcom Pond being the overall winner of the contest, winning the unlimited category. Malcom Pond was a former member of the United States Advanced Aerobatic Team. The Primary was won by Iris Grunwald. The Sportsman by Kevin Elizondo. Best First Time Sportsman by Pat Delay. Intermediate by Matthew Dunfer. Advanced by Jim Bourke. Borrego's Gray Brandt came 3rd in the Advanced section even though he was suffering from a terrible head cold.

Sportsman Category winners. Right to left: Kevin Elizondo, Mike Eggen, Zach Niles, Dan Radke, Josh Horwich.

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