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$745,886 Bid Approved to Build High School


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Mrs. Virginia Harris, secretary of the Borrego Springs Unified School District, receives bids from Dean Dunphy, center, and John G. Wilcoxon Jr. at Feb. 11 board meeting. Dunphy represents the Dunphy Construction Co. of San Diego. Wilcoxon is with Forsberg & Gregory Inc., of Redlands. Dunphy and P.H. Lusardi Co., of Vista, submitted a joint bid.

This story was featured in the Feb. 19 issue of the Borrego Sun.

"A joint bid by the Dunphy Construction Co. of San Diego and the P.H. Lusardi Construction Co. of Vista to build the Borrego Springs High School, was the lower of two opened by the school trustees.


Kristy Cruzat performs experiment in Borrego Springs High School science class while instructor George E. Dart looks on. The equipment was new.

The bid of $745,886 was opened Feb. 11. The other bid, submitted by Forsberg & Gregory Inc., of Redlands, was $782,649. The architect's estimate was $764,244. At the regular meeting Feb. 14, the trustees awarded the contract to Dunphy and Lusardi subject to approval by the state Office of Local Assistance. The bid should be cleared before March 1, Business Manager William Clark reported.

The successful bidders are now building the $1-million shopping center just west of Christmas Circle.

Opening of the bids drew several out-of-town spectators. Among them were Jack A. Russell, former president of the school board who recently moved to Del Mar, and William C. Birkinbine, field representative of the state Department of General Services.

In other action at the Feb. 14 meeting, the board voted to recognize the Borrego Springs Education Association, an organization of teachers. The motion was made by Trustee Robert Thomason and seconded by Fred G. Woods.

The association's officers include George E. Dart, president; Joseph Austin, vice president; Jean Walters, secretary; and Jerry Chatwin, treasurer."

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