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By Nancy Bye 

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Last updated 10/7/2015 at 2:22pm

A lot of folks are pretty happy now that Carmelita’s has reopened after its usual summer month holiday. And wow!, new paint, some new decor. It looks terrific!

Diana didn’t forget how to make her delicious martini during her vacation, and she has some new glasses that are among the loveliest we’ve ever seen. ’Specially for serving margaritas. Square shaped, gorgeous colors. Try it. You’ll like it!

They are open from about nine in the morning until noon for breakfast. A lot of folks don’t know that, but it’s a nice change and will really be a delight when there is outdoor seating. A great assortment of huevos, burritos (basic or build your own), and omelettes.

Our lunch was wonderful. I had a chile relleno that is simply better everytime. My companion actually made yum-yum sounds while enjoying his carne asada burrito. Always a treat!

More good news. Bighorn Fudge Factory is reopening on October first. Why didn’t I buy a supply of fudge to stow in my freezer during the summer as I usually do? Just dumb, I guess. Bet I don’t forget again, or I’ll ask Lee to remind me. Bonny Bosworth will be stepping up to full time management.

More Jelly Belly products are in the offing, and we’ll see what other changes are in store. Believe it or not, the holidays are approaching. My east coast relatives in Boston and New Hampshire like Bighorn fudge better than anything. That makes my life much easier because Bonny happily ships.

Won’t it be nice to see our snowbirds sitting on their porch?

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