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Sun Reporter's Film Script Accepted at Milan


Last updated 9/29/2015 at 2:07pm

Michael Sadler's short-subject film script, 'Prophet in E-Minor,' was accepted into the Milan International Film Festival to be held the first week in November.

Sadler is up against scripts from around the world for the top festival award in the short-subject script category.

"It's an honor to be selected for festival consideration, and I think 'Prophet' is quirky enough to get some attention."

'Prophet' is a fact-based comedic romp with lots of great visuals dealing with the first Biblical prophet, Enoch. In the story, Enoch questions God's personal assistant, Devlin, as to why he's had to cool his heels in purgatory for the past 3,500 years waiting for an audience with 'The Big Guy.'

"The history is all there, some in the Bible and some in Enoch's Aramaic writings discovered in Ethiopia in the late 19th century, but Enoch definitely got the short end of the stick as far as Biblical credit is concerned."

"Enoch was the first prophet mentioned in the Bible; he was the only prophet to walk with God in the Garden of Eden; he was only the second to be taken up by God directly, the other being Ezekiel and that fiery chariot thing; and he's the last prophet mentioned in Job before Revelation. You'd think those credentials would qualify him for major prophet status, but no-o-o-o!"

"When King Constantine had the Bible assembled in about 400 B.C., Enoch's writings were left out, ostensibly because Enoch wrote extensively about the actions and fate of the, "Fallen angels," which receives scant mention in Genesis. Enoch also taught that man could have a direct relationship with God, without the intermediaries like rabbis and priests."

"Those two factors seemed to knock him off his major-prophet perch in a heartbeat."

"I took the basic facts and wrapped them into a ten-minute comedy stage play, directed by Vanessa Marlowe. The two of us then wrote a short-subject film adaptation of the stageplay. It's a hoot. And Vanessa's separate script, 'Bowling for Concubine' was also accepted into the festival, so she's twice as hyped as me," laughed Sadler. "While at the FilmFest, Vanessa will be networking to find financial backing for the film," he added.

Sadler's previous short-subject film script, 'Jasper Man,' won top honors in 2009 for Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting at the Cinema City International Film Festival. "I'm still waiting to get enough money to do that film, and it's ideal for a Borrego Valley film shoot."

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