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Governor Signs Bill Aimed at Saving Lives


Last updated 10/2/2015 at 1:47pm

Senator Ben Hueso today announced Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 287, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Safety Act. This measure will now require buildings constructed after January 2017, with occupancy of 200 or more, to install Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) onsite. AEDs are commonly used to diagnose life threatening cardiac arrest and treat through deregulation, which allows the heart to resume to normal rhythm.

“Timing matters. For every minute following sudden cardiac arrest without defibrillation from an AED, an individual’s chance of survival decreases by 10 percent. The immediate use of an AED can drastically increase the survival rate by 70 percent,” stated Senator Ben Hueso. “I am thrilled the Governor signed this bill into law, which will make AEDs readily available, increasing survival rates across the state.”

An estimated 350,000 individuals in the United States will suffer this year from a sudden cardiac arrest. 52,500 of these individuals will die from sudden cardiac arrest at the workplace, public parks, commercial buildings, streets or highways or transportation centers. According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, the number of people who die from sudden cardiac arrest is equivalent to the number of people who die from Alzheimers’ disease, assault with firearms, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, HIV, house fires, motor vehicle accidents, prostate cancer and suicides combined.

SB 287 has been modeled after a 2008 San Diego city ordinance championed by former San Diego City Councilmember Jim Madaffer. Currently, the State of California only requires AED devices to be in health fitness centers.

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