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Flu Season Incoming


Last updated 9/26/2015 at 10am

One hundred and twenty-four people in San Diego died from flu complications last year. Which is why the San Diego Black Nurses Association, the San Diego Immunization Coalition, AARP and the County Health, and Human Services Agency (HHSA) held the 12th annual flu immunization event on Sept. 18. During the event 500 people were immunized against the flu.

Last flu season was the deadliest in San Diego County since the HHSA started tracking the illness. According to public health officials, influenza can kill those who are vulnerable, like adults with pre-existing medical conditions. People with asthma, diabetes, lung disease, pregnant women, elderly people, and people living with at-risk individuals are vulnerable of contracting the disease and having complications.

Health officials advise that the community get vaccinated every year. “The vaccine is safe and effective. Millions of people get a flu shot every year and every San Diegan 6 months and older should, too,” said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer.

There will be 170 million doses of flu vaccine according to estimates from the CDC. This year’s vaccine will help against Influenza A H3N2, Pandemic H1N1-like and influenza B strains. The vaccine takes two weeks to reinforce the immune system.

The influenza vaccine will be available at doctors' offices and retail pharmacies throughout San Diego County. It will also be available for people without health insurance by going to a community clinic, or a county public health center. Visit or call 2-1-1 San Diego to find a list of County locations.

“We’ve had three very deadly flu seasons in a row in San Diego. Get vaccinated. Do it now before the flu starts to spread,” said Sayone Thihalolipavan, M.D., M.P.H., County deputy public health officer. “No, the vaccine will not give you the flu. That is a myth.”

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