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Vaccines Coming for Day Care Workers


Last updated 9/18/2015 at 2:24pm

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A new state bill approved last week by the State Senate would require all workers and volunteers of day care centers to be vaccinated against flu, pertussis, and measles. SB 792 has yet to be approved by Gov. Jerry Brown, but according to Sen. Tony Mendoza, it is crucial for workers at day cares to be immunized against these diseases to prevent them spreading to children who are not fully vaccinated.

The bill voted 31-5, was proposed after the outbreaks of measles and influenza of last year. The measles outbreak could be traced back to Disneyland in December of last year that infected 130 people in California. Mendoza said that he wants do everything in his power to protect kids against these diseases since kids under 5 years are at most risk of contracting the infection and having complications. "One child's death is one too many, especially when it may be preventable.

The bill faced opposition from critics who argued that the bill would take away their right to make medical decisions for their kids.

In June, Gov. Jerry Brown singed another bill that required all California's school children to be vaccinated against measles and other diseases.

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