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Right-To-End-Life Bill Passes California's State Assembly


Last updated 9/10/2015 at 11:18am

Terminally ill patients who want to end their lives may now be able to do so legally after the state Assembly passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs. The End of Life Option Act, passed to senate after a two-hour deliberation and a 43-34 voting, is now in the hands of California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, who is expected to uphold the bill even after he has raised concerns over the legislative procedure.

The debate generated concern, support and opposition from lawmakers questioning morality, mortality, trust in doctors and God’s grace. Some argued that the bill would allow for a dignified end of suffering by giving the right to Californians to decide about their last days. While opposers argued that doctors might make rush decisions when declaring patients terminal. Also, that the bill might persuade persons with disabilities to want to terminate their lives.

The End of Life Option Act would have terminally ill patients to submit two oral requests and one written request for a lethal prescription to the attending physician, a minimum of fifteen days apart. Two witnesses would be present for the signing of the written request to attest that the patient was of sound mind and not under duress. The bill would be given a longevity of ten years. After that, lawmakers can decide wether to extend the bill after reviewing how it worked.

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