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Coachella Valley Penalizing Big Water-Wasters


Last updated 9/10/2015 at 11:02am

The Coachella Valley is making big strides to cut the governor-mandated water usage by 36 percent before February of next year. The Coachella Valley Water District is charging penalties for excessive water usage; it is the only district in California taking this approach. It has now over $2 million in penalty fees, and water usage has gone down to 30 percent overall.

During a meeting on Tuesday, the board of directors voted to add $1.5 million in funding to the $3.5 million needed for the grass removal program until the end of the fiscal year. The money is going toward its highly popular tearing-out-grass rebate program that gives $1-dollar-per-square-foot to homeowners and businesses to get rid of grass. The water district received an average of 12 applications per day during August.

Homeowners can apply for rebates that can give a profit of $1,000 per project, with two projects available per home. While businesses can receive $25,000 in rebate money per project.

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