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San Diego Opposes New Utility Charges On Rooftop Solar


Last updated 9/10/2015 at 10:33am

Harley De Vaux III

San Diego Gas & Electric want to add a monthly "grid connection" fee for Solar customers and special charges based on peak period energy use, no matter the electricity consumed monthly. SDG&E claims grid-connected Solar customers are not paying their fair share of costs for infrastructure and utility programs- which requires them to increase bills for non-Solar customers. SDG&E is attempting to persuade the California Public Utilities Commission to reconsider the current net metering tariff that provides bill credits for Solar energy at the full retail electricity rate. The city said the new tariffs for rooftop Solar being proposed by California utilities would discourage the renewable energy market. They support calculating the costs and benefits of rooftop Solar, while taking into consideration benefits to society. Rooftop Solar providers and others accuse California's utility monopolies of raising fees in an attempt to destroy the rooftop Solar industry so they can keep their huge profits rolling in under an antiquated business model.

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