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Laser Weapon to Bring Drones Down Like Flies


Last updated 9/2/2015 at 9:22am

With the current conundrum over the use of drones hovering on dangerous or private areas, Boeing, an aerospace company, has developed a laser cannon that will bring the intruding drones down. The Compact Laser Weapon System is designed specifically to destroy this problem-causing machine.

The laser will burn a hole in the drone and bring it down. The weapon, which was tested in New Mexico this week, was able to destroy a drone in two seconds with its power set to full. The cannon releases a two-kilowatt invisible beam at the speed of light, making the drone-destroying weapon very precise. Boeing representatives were not specific on the rage the laser can reach, but they said that it can reach a binocular-sight range.

There are different ways to bring these drones down, but governments and militaries prefer a far-reaching weapon to destroy drones carrying possible explosives or chemical weapons.

The small weapon can fit in four suitcase-sized boxes, and can be used by a Xbox 360 controller or a laptop with a custom targeting software. It can also be put together by a pair of soldiers or technicians in a few minutes. The weapon requires a standard 220 volt outlet, or a generator on a military vehicle. The weapon will come out on the market in next two years.

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