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Arrestees Using Heroin is at an All Time High in San Diego County


Last updated 8/27/2015 at 9:49am

San Diego County is now on a par with big metropolitan cities in terms of arrestees consuming heroin. The San Diego Association of Governments has been keeping records of arrestees since 2000; finding that the use of heroin has been at an all time high since.

The data showed that the number of women tested is higher than that of men, with 15 percent compared to 13 percent. Also, that women use the drug 15.3 times per week, to 8.7 of men. People tested also showed to have other types of drugs in their system. Eighty-three percent of those tested positive for methamphetamine, 72 percent abused prescription medication, and 46 percent used marijuana. Of those tested, 51 percent said that they have overdosed in the past. Sixty-three percent injected the drug, and 43 percent shared needles.

Heroin is the most frequently used drug involved in unintentional deaths since 2005.

In 2002, San Diego County had a 5 percent rate of all arrestees testing positive for heroin. The percentage was lower than big cities.

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