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The Laundry Room, Loads of Fun


Last updated 8/27/2015 at 10:43am

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Laundry can be loads of fun at the refurbished laundry room at Palm Canyon Resort, the only public laundry in Borrego Springs, at 221 Palm Canyon Drive.

Grab you skivvies and camping gear and get down to the newly refurbished laundry room at Palm Canyon Resort. All brand new machines line the walls and the welcoming feeling there is thanks to Maintenance Supervisor Rich James.

"He had a vision of what needed to happen," said General Manager Ginny Therrien, "So I asked him what he would like to see here and he created a beautiful new atmosphere that represents us well."

An old 'laundromat' sign he found back on a junk pile was incorporated into the fresh retro look. The painting, design, installation and upgrade, including refinishing the concrete floor, was all done by James.

In just one week of work, James removed all old machines, painted the walls with a blue stripe and two-tone background, distressed the trim painting, installed new plumbing and electrical wiring, hung attractive artwork and refinished the floor. Then, "A big truck brought in all new machines. Four guys from Escondido's Coinmach Company delivered seven front-loading dryers, six top-loading washers, three front-loading high capacity washers (extractors) and the big drum dryer," he said.

"These machines are leased and have a 24- to 48-hour response time to fix any problems that may occur," said Therrien, "which is unlikely anytime soon, because they are all brand new."

The face-lift is kid-friendly; though patrons are asked to keep a close eye on their children. The facility is open for use by the entire community (6:00 a.m. to midnight), and is not just limited to the hotel and RV guests. Music and a circulating fan has been added, and a newer cooling system will complete the job.

Go to the hotel lobby for use of a change machine, a restroom, or to purchase cold drinks. The laundry room is serviced daily.

"I enjoy what I do – fortunately, Ginny gives us freedom to get jobs done and we have a great working rapport," said James.

Next, he will start on the two meeting rooms. Then, the fitness center. "I like it here, and I want people to enjoy their stay or visit."

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