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Southern Trails Pipeline - Questar Corp. Announce Delay


Last updated 8/13/2015 at 9:41am

Questar Corp. has announced in its quarterly stockholder report this month that the Southern Trails Pipeline project is delayed and won’t be active by early 2017 as originally scheduled. The dormant 58-year-old pipeline runs underground through Southern California along Interstate 10. The series of 16-inch pipes spans 96 miles and hasn’t been used since Questar bought it in 1998.

Local environmental activist and member of environmental group People Over Pollution, Bob Terry has said, “This is a big victory for the Coachella Valley — for our environment. We didn’t need another threat here in the Valley. We’ve got the Salton Sea to deal with.”

People over Pollution, want the pipeline to stay dormant however the company are exploring their options, said Steve Chapman, Questar coordinator of special communication projects and awakening the dormant pipeline is still on the table.

Questar plan to connect the dormant pipeline to an active pipeline that leads from Whitewater to refineries in Long Beach, pumping 120,000 barrels of oil a day through a rail terminal that would connect shipment trains to the dormant pipeline. One barrel of crude oil can produce 19 gallons of gasoline or other products such as jet fuel. If the dormant pipeline is activated, Questar may be able to deliver domestic crude oil cheaper than the foreign oil arriving in Long Beach by cargo ship.

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