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Slab City Ministry Assistance


Last updated 8/13/2015 at 10:02am

Harley De Vaux III

Ernie and Debbie Loza and other volunteers go to Slab City each month to deliver food, water, clothes and donated essentials to the people living in Slab City. Slab City was constructed in 1942 as "Camp Dunlap" to prepare Marines for combat duty. The buildings were dismantled in 1956 but the slabs remained. Over the years the decommissioned and uncontrolled area attracted campers, people wanting to get off the grid and be left alone, and those driven there by poverty. It has no running water, electricity, sewer or trash pick-up service. Some campers use generators or Solar panels for generating electricity. Supplies may be obtained about four miles away in the tiny town of Niland along the Salton Sea. Anyone interested in offering help or donations for the Slab City inhabitants can contact Slab City Ministry or Mark Mobley at 951 704-2145. Slab City Ministry recently helped feed approximately 70 people within this struggling community. Ernie and Debbie and friends will make another delivery on Tuesday August 25.

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