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Google in the Search for Cures


Last updated 8/19/2015 at 3:14pm

With the transition to Alphabet, Google has put more effort into researching and improving health. The company has recruited top scientists like immunologists, neurologists to nanoparticle engineers, with the purpose of developing technologies that detect, prevent and manage diseases. Google created Life Sciences with the purpose of changing from the reactive approach when dealing with illnesses, to a proactive and targeted approach.

The most sophisticated technology is to be used for Life Sciences. It is now using nanotechnology to improve diagnostics; such as a cancer-detecting pill that releases magnetic nanoparticles that stick onto cancer related molecules in the bloodstream. A wristband could then recognize the results using magnetic properties.

One of Alphabet’s main targets is to diagnose and treat diabetes. In 2014, Google created smart contact lenses that can read blood sugar levels through the tears. The company has now partnered with pharmaceutical companies to distribute and make affordable this technology to people with the disease. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is another disease that would be cover with the life sciences program.

Google … or now, Alphabet, is making strides to prevent diseases. Who knows? Maybe in ten years the human race will reach immortality.

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