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Ernie, Debbie and Friends Helping the Less Fortunate


Last updated 8/13/2015 at 10:09am

Last month, God through the generosity of wonderful friends, enabled Slab City Ministry to provide food and care to 180 families in Borrego Springs and more than 70 homeless at Slab City.

Upon an appeal for help with the expenses related to children in Living Waters’ orphanage, several of SCM’s friends responded overwhelmingly and all expenses for June and July were covered.

A friend donated $600 worth of cans and dry dog food after learning about the sad situation of many stray dogs running loose in Mexico by the orphanage. These dogs look for scraps to eat, they tumble people’s garbage containers looking for food, and if caught, they will get mistreated by people throwing rocks. Ernie and Debbie have given them some food , but it was not enough.

A couple of days after mentioning the situation to their friend, Ernie and Debbie came home and found out that their Good Samaritan lady friend had purchased the dog food. They have been feeding many dogs with the food and have found a veterinarian willing to help spay/neuter the dogs for $25 each. To date, eight have been “fixed.”

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