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County Supervisors Want Forest Service's Fire-fighting Air Tankers to Land In Ramona


Last updated 8/21/2015 at 11:05am

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The U.S. Forest Service claims the Ramona Air Base runway isn't long enough to allow its new air tanker fire-fighting planes to land there. This has been disputed by CalFire who have a video of a CalFire pilot landing a similar type of plane there. San Diego's congressional representatives have all signed a letter to the Chief of the USFS and are asking the Obama administration to intervene. Supervisors Bill Horn and Dianne Jacob ask that at least one air tanker be allowed to land in Ramona during the County's wildfire season. Congressman Duncan Hunter added, "By allowing these next-generation tankers to land and reload at Ramona, fire experts estimate that the aircraft can make eight additional runs per day- improving the capability to save lives and property."

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