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Library - Teen Read Week: Young Adult Fiction Book Review


Last updated 9/30/2015 at 12:14pm

Turn in a two-page review of a favorite YA Fiction book for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! Entries judged by library staff & Friends of the Library.

Tuesday -- Friday, Oct. 20 – 23

A book review is your personal description and thoughts about a book (unlike a book report). You may write one for school or want to write one to share your opinion. The following "how to" assumes you have already read the book.

1. Write a brief summary of the book's plot including the who, what, where, when and why (if applicable).

2. Describe the author's purpose, scope, view, attitude, and/or theme of the book as you see it.

3. Explain whether you thought the author was successful at carrying out item #2.

4. Analyze the value of the book, based on items #2 and #3.

5. Describe any personal experiences you have with the book's topic.

6. Provide background information about the author or the author's other works.

7. Compare the book to other similar works you’ve read.

Explain whether or not you liked the book, and why or why not.


1. If possible, select a book you think you would enjoy.

2. Include enough detail to describe what happened, but not enough to spoil the plot for future readers.

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