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Salton Sea - Long Term Plans for Geothermal Plant


Last updated 8/13/2015 at 11:04am

Ormat Technologies, Inc. held its two meetings on Monday and Tuesday at the Salton Sea to present to the public its plans for the possible geothermal plant in Truckhaven.

It was said that Ormat is currently working on the permits to start the seismic study. The goal of the study is to find if the ground in Truckhaven is safe to build the geothermal plant. It will determine if the ground will absorb water and if the ground will also reach temperatures of 300 - 400 degrees; both essential factors in producing geothermal energy. Previous tests in the area have discovered that the ground in Truckhaven already produces such temperatures. This permit will take up to eight months to complete. Ormat will also drill to find ten wells; a process that will take another 18 months. The entire development of the plant is expected to take five years.

For these procedures, Ormat would use the newest drilling technologies which will result in minimal disturbance for the surrounding communities. With the construction of this new geothermal plant, Truckhaven will become the largest geothermal-energy-producing area in the world.

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