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4th Annual Julian Film Festival


Last updated 8/13/2015 at 11:05am

August 21st and 22nd are the dates of the Julian film Festival this year. The event benefits and is sponsored by the Volcan Mountain Foundation. The nature-focused environmental film festival supports Volcan Mountain Foundation’s theme- A Watershed Year. It will highlight important topics of water and connectivity. Two exceptional award-winning, feature-length films will also provide a local connection. An Emmy-nominated documentary, “Breaking Point,” spotlights a critical water issue and a potential crisis in Southern California concerning the Salton Sea. Another highlight of the festival will be the film “OR7- The Journey,” depicting the importance of wildlife corridors in Northern California/Oregon and the plight of grey wolves. The Julian film Festival hopes to provide connectivity for those that love, and are hopeful for nature, and to inspire active stewardship for protection and care of vital natural resources.

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