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UFOs Over Osaka Skyline


Last updated 8/4/2015 at 9:16am

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Ten strange white floating spheres were spotted over the sky in Osaka, Japan on July 29. The spheres are seen floating in the sky from left to right in an unorganized manner. Some people that watched the video believe that humans are not alone in the universe. While others are more skeptical and call them 'unidentified flying objects,' not necessary alien life. The video has created a discussion of differing viewpoints. Some question the quality of the video and say they are merely balloons. But what is the truth? Who knows?

A similar sighting occurred over Coyote Mountain on December 26, 2013, when it was reported the sighting of a plainly visible object as a large solid white ball moving slowly over the top of Coyote Mountain. The description of the spacecraft matches the spheres in Osaka.

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