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Volcan Mountain Foundation Helps Kids Explore Nature


Last updated 7/30/2015 at 1:22pm

Jeannie Beck

A Summer program for kids is currently underway on Volcan Mountain (at the Nature Center Property at the end of Farmers Road in Julian) for three weeks in July. From July 6th to the 24th, children are learning about native plants, native animals and the First People. During the initial week, the children learned about the native plants that grow on the mountain, collected seeds, and created botanical paintings of the plants. This second week, the children have been learning about native animals and their habitats, and how to identify their tracks. On Wednesday, the children were visited by Sharyl Massey, who works for the Cuyamaca outdoor school as well as for Sky Hunters- a nonprofit group that promotes birds of prey and raptor conservation. Massey introduced the children to a Screech Owl and an American Kestrel. The kids drew pictures of the birds as they learned some bird behaviors and listened to bird calls. They were also able to dissect an owl pellet, which revealed tiny mice bones and some fur. The final week of the program will focus on the First People in the area. The children will learn to make native clay pottery, build a willow hut and play games that contain useful information about hunter-gatherers. Education Coordinator, Kathleen Beck said "My goal is to have kids immersed in nature and exploring the natural world- connecting to what's real as opposed to what's on a screen The kids are having a great time learning about their environment. My motto is 'That which is loved, tends to be protected.'

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