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Palm Springs - UFO Sightings


Last updated 7/17/2015 at 3:51pm

Palm Springs, California

Sighted on Sunday 12. July 2015

Reported on Wednesday 15. July 2015

Shape: Cylinder | Duration: Undisclosed

Source: MUFON

Wife, kids and I took Palm Springs tram to Mt. San Jacinto. On ride down, I snapped these photos from my mobile phone. We saw nothing on the tram ride that drew our attention. Only later, when viewing photos did I see the two brightly lit "objects" Frankly, I think they are probably reflections of some sort off of the plexiglass windows. Why I decided to send these in is in one photo, there is what appears to be an obvious reflection in upper left. In this photo, the reflection is fuzzy. In the same photo and the second one, the "objects" are both clearly defined with six lights around the perimeter. May be reflections of interior lights of tram. I Simply don't know

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