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Lake Fire 98 Percent Contained


Last updated 7/16/2015 at 1:23pm

U.S. Forest Service officials are still investigating what or rather who, caused the lake Fire. They have ruled out natural causes, which narrows the focus to human-caused activity- intentional or otherwise. The investigation could take up to two months to complete. “If it was intentional, it could be even longer trying to pinpoint who did it,” said Carol Underhill, U.S. Forest San Bernardino spokeswoman. The Lake Fire (reported on June 17) has burned 31,359 acres so far and is still only 98 percent contained. An illegal drone flew over the wildfire on June 24 which caused firefighters to down their aircraft for several hours to avoid hitting the drone. This delay allowed the fire to spread. The FAA is investigating the drone incident.

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