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Many people in the small town of Anza claim to have seen Goldie. The physical characteristics that most witnesses agree on are- a gold-colored orb of light that floats around in the sky, varying in speed, whizzing between mountain peaks and after doing what sounds like a dance-like movement, zips off and disappears. Some witnesses have seen Goldie around Coyote Mountain, as this UFO report describes.

Date of sighting: December 26, 2013

Time: Approx 4:15 pm

Lenght of sighting: 20 seconds.

Place: Sighted from Hiway S22, about 8 miles east of Borrego Springs, California. Objected over a peak on Coyote Mountain.

Sighted a sun glare atop a desolate mountain peak while travelling east on S22. I noted an RV at the bottom of this mountain with a similar sun glare. I am very familar with this area and thinking that no shiny object could be atop that mountain I stopped the vehicle to get a better look. The object then moved a short distance and the glare abated. The object was plainly visible as a large solid white ball larger than the RV still in view. This object moved slowly over the top of the mountain and down out of sight into the canyon behind.

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