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Floods Affect Foundations


Last updated 7/23/2015 at 1:31pm

State officials list approximately 450 bridges as potentially unstable during intense floods. Two of these bridges are in Indio and two on Interstate 10 in Whitewater. Officials identify these bridges as ‘scour critical’- which means they have a elevated risk of a flood eating away at the dirt that holds their foundations in place. This is what happened on Sunday when five inches of rain brought down the main artery between L.A. and Phoenix- the Tex Wash bridge on the 1-10. The possibility remains of more bridges collapsing with expected El Nino floods in Southern California this winter. City officials in Indio have received $3.2 million for a flood risk reduction project on at-risk bridges. Interstate 10 is expected to be re-opened by noon on Friday July 24. Minor repairs on the Adair Ditch Bridge and Hillock Ditch Bridge have required minor repairs. Besides causing the bridge collapse on Sunday, the storm also caused black-outs, damage to some businesses and road closures. County leaders recently declared an emergency proclamation, which asks the state for relief funding and quicker approval for construction permits. Indio’s Public Works Director said if they find any of the bridges unsafe, they will be closed.

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