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Today BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag


Last updated 7/2/2015 at 11:50am

Starting Wednesday, July 1, the Center Market will no longer provide plastic bags for groceries. Paper bags are available for 10 cents each, or you may bring your own bags.

After a bill was signed in September 2014 by Governor Brown, the law now prohibits grocery stores to hand out plastic bags for free. Stores are now required to use recycled paper bags or bags made of compostable material that will cost customers 10 cents each (the law does not apply to people using the California’s food-assistance program).

Environmentalists and state authorities praise the new law because plastic bags will not end up in waterways and landfills where it takes years until they decompose, and because it will reduce the amount of money allocated for sanitation departments to clean up litter.

The law was also well received by store owners who spend millions of dollars yearly in plastic bags.

Opposers to the law say that it will threaten 30,000 jobs across the country.

California is the first state to ban plastic bags at a state level. The law will help businesses with the transition by providing $2 million in state-backed loans for reusable bags.

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