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Fare Thee Well


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H. De Vaux III

The Mike Virgil memorial jam took place at Harry Joe Reynold's home in Ranchita on June 29. Mike Virgil, Borrego's beloved musician, was honored through the lyrics and tunes of fellow musician-singer-songwriter friends who keenly felt the empty space once filled by their charismatic and talented friend. Harry Joe began the tribute with "The Thrill is Gone," followed by several of Mike's other standard songs. Tony Feathers sang a blues song that he wrote in honor of Mike that silenced all who'd gathered under the sunny skies with lyrics such as "I got those late night blues in the middle of a sunny day." Christopher, our town's favorite Canadian troubadour, sent a touching song that he wrote for Mike- "Fare Thee Well" that was beautifully sung by Christina Warren. Dennis Franklin said, "Mike was one of those guys that didn't play for the money. He did it out of the purest motivation- for the love of music. Not one time did I meet Mike that he didn't remind me he was my friend." That sentiment was expressed over and over by the so-many people Mike impressed with his genuine kindness and remarkable capacity to make others feel special. As the sky darkened, Dennis and the Crew had people up and dancing to "Johnny B. Goode," another song reminiscent of Mike. In the end, Dennis summed up what everyone had been singing, saying and feeling all night- "It's the love ... and I'm proud to be here tonight for my friend." Fare thee well Mike. Your benevolence will be remembered as well as your soulful singing.

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