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Heatwave to Continue


Last updated 6/22/2015 at 9:30am

Residents in Borrego Springs will be faced with extreme temperatures for the end of June due to a shift in the jet stream expanding through the West, broiling many interior locations. The extreme heat, even by summer standards, will bring potential health risks with the long-term rise in temperature and associated dryness creating difficulties for firefighting efforts and raise the risk of new wildfires breaking out.

According to AccuWeather Chief Long Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok, "The West has already experienced some hot weather with the current jet stream pattern, but it will get even hotter during the last week or so of June and will remain very hot into early July”.

As the first heatwave of the year, we could see temperatures exceed 120°F in a few spots with high and low temperatures sitting 15 percent higher across the US.

While extreme heat usually visits much of the West during the summer, the heat wave forecast will be several weeks and, in some cases, a couple of months early.

"There is little hope for drenching rain through early July, but spotty storms could develop prior to the end of June in Southern California to the central Sierra Nevada as a disturbance may attempt to drift in from the Pacific Ocean," explained Pastelok.

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