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Drought Relief Money is Still in the Bank


Last updated 6/17/2015 at 2:07pm

Last year, almost $700 million was set aside when Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency. The money was intended to help California communities that have been depleted by the on-going Drought. According to the state Finance Department, close to half of that money hasn’t been used. A spokesperson for the Finance Department, H.D. Palmer, said some of this money has been put aside for things like pipelines and water treatment plants and will be put to use when the cash is needed. After the Drought assistance package was created, millions of dollars were given to Central Valley communities, but other funds are awaiting local government fund matching. Mario Santoyo, executive director for the California Latino Water Coalition, said many low income families in the Central Valley don’t have a place to work any more because of the Drought. Manuel Cunha of the Nisei Farmers League said farmers are impacted by the Drought as well. This past April, Democrats in the State Senate pressed Governor Brown to spend the relief funds faster.

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