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Sailing the Warner Springs Sky


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Trish Luberte

Sky Sailing at Warner Springs airport is one of the largest soaring centers in the United States. Take a ride or learn to fly a glider on your own.

Soaring is both exciting and peaceful. The flight of a sailplane is produced by gliding along on an air current. The rental rates are based on an hour of flight but an accomplished pilot can stay in the air for hours. A glider's ride is enhanced when creating the least amount of drag for lift.

The Lineman attaches a tow rope from the powered aircraft to the glider. The glider pilot releases the tow rope when the desired altitude is reached. Gliders are able to travel forward for quite a distance without dropping altitude .

The body of the glider is molded and the wings are designed to decrease drag and improve handling and performance. This is best achieved with long, thin wings and a fairly narrow cockpit.

Many pilots believe that learning to fly a glider ought to be the first step in learning to fly powered aircraft . Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot, or would just like to go for a sail ' Sky Sailing' of Warner Springs is a great place to start your journey. Glide above Palomar Mountain or Hot Springs Peak and sail for approximately thirty minutes while looking down into the entire valley. Breathtaking.

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