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A Father's Day Tour of the Hubbell House


Last updated 6/5/2015 at 10:29am

Trish Luberte

Once Again, visitors are invited to the hand-built home, studios and gardens of James Hubbell in Julian, on Sunday, June 21. This unique artist and designer is internationally revered for his ecological and inventive art and architecture. His imaginative designs encourage rustic repurposing of local materials in harmony with nature. Hubbell House is designed as 'a dance between earth and sky'. Inspiring and Exhilarating.

"These ..buildings that grew over the last ... 30 years ... gave [me] the chance to explore the world of building and art, the opportunity to work with artisans, ...and explore and observe our climate in order that nature and art could merge, and enrich our lives."

–James Hubbell

This annual event is a special opportunity to visit a local treasure. Admission fees go entirely to Hubbell's non-profit foundation, Ilan-Lael Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to preserving the property and bringing art and nature together for communities around the world.

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