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Borregan Pointed the Way Towards Borrego Along the Freeway


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Fred Woods receiving solace from his friends as he was waiting for a verdict in San Diego. (Left to right) Ted Brooks, Fred Woods, Bill Hardcastle and John McCann.

In 1955 Borrego Springs suffered from loneliness and a lack of visitors. Borrego resident, Fred Woods, a Borrego Booster, took it upon himself to change that. He pasted stickers with directions to Borrego on roadsigns all the way back to Freeway 101 in Los Angeles. He was arrested near Solana Beach.

Woods began his sign campaign after several unsuccessful requests to the State High Way Department and the Southern California Automobile Club to create signs leading to Borrego.

When asked why he was doing it, he responded that he was assisting thousands of visitors who complained about not being able to find the Borrego Valley.

He was initially fined $100, but $75 was then taken off. Judge John J. Brennan, of the San Diego Municipal Court told Woods that he was doing a dangerous thing leading people to the "wilds of Borrego Valley." He ended up paying $25 for defacing state property. The judge promised to come to Borrego and check the issue himself.

He was accompanied to San Diego by an ardent group of Borregans. Back in town he was received as a hero with signs on shops' windows praising his work.

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