Wayne Wilcoxen ArtTalk and Technique Demonstration


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Victoria Hopkins Kahn

The House of Borrego Springs Gallery hosted an ArtTalk and Demonstration by sculptor Wayne Wilcoxen on Saturday May 23, which began at 3:00 p.m. and ended about 4:50 pm, with the artist answering questions from his audience.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, gallery owner and curator, offered guests a delightful watermelon, peach, and champagne cooler, as they relaxed in vintage chairs at the affair. Many patrons drifted in and out during the presentation, taking in the merchandise in the shop adjacent to the gallery, while a smaller group of approximately ten people sat constantly attentive to the talk.

Mr. Wilcoxen, born in Queens, NY, but raised in San Diego, CA, is currently a resident of Julian, CA. He makes his living as a graphic art designer, at present independently contracting with The Upper Deck. He was educated at Grossmont College and San Diego State University.

Already an accomplished and experienced artist in sketching with charcoal and oil pastels, Wayne progressed from working in two dimensions into three dimensions when, under the paper maché tutelage of his ex-wife, he began sculpting forms. He expresses inspiration from Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, and Jasper Johns, among others.

He explained to a thoughtful cadre of fellow artists his techniques for making his own paper; creating sculptural forms; and incorporating found objects and ephemera into finished paper maché bowls and abstract shapes.

Although, consisting largely of heavy archival and handmade papers, Wayne's unique and colorful forms do have wood, matte board, metal, or even modeling clay frames for added strength and durability.

He told how he originally plans the sculpted form by making a series of charcoal sketches from various angles, before cutting each small structural part from matte board (or other support) and affixing them together. Once begun, the forms evolve through the creative process.

Then, he continues to apply the homemade or other decorative paper in small pieces, covered with paste to create the outer face of the object. He ultimately, paints the inside, affixes a permanent base, and paints the outside. Wayne uses natural objects, such as tree boughs and twigs, and antique drawings of nature, such as Victorian natural history prints, and found metal objects, including an antique Nabisco label in brass, to express his themes in each piece. His pieces are beautifully textured and gayly colored. The heaviest piece weighs only about 25 lbs.

Those seeking further information about Mr. Wilcoxen and his art, may contact him through the House of Borrego Springs Gallery.

This event is the final event of the 2014-2015 Season for the House of Borrego Springs Gallery, which will go dark for the summer at the conclusion of this exhibition on May 31, 2015.

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