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Borrego Syncs Spiritually with Nepal for Earthquake Relief


Last updated 5/22/2015 at 3:12pm

A benefit concert was held on May 6 at The Springs At Borrego to provide relief for a Napali school that friends, Dee and Liesel helped to create. 100 percent of the evening’s proceeds will be sent to benefit the children and families associated with the school affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Dee said his involvement began about fifteen years ago when he went to trek around the base of Mount Everest. “I just wanted to see the Himalayan Mountains but didn’t want to climb Everest.” While there, Dee made friends with a helpful porter who in time took Dee to see his own village. When Dee saw the village school with a dirt floor and lack of seats for the kids, he wanted to help out. Now that school has cement floors, doors and windows, blackboards and books. Not only that, but a small computer lab as well. “It takes about six hours of walking where the road ends to get there. Yet, they made a little computer lab with two or three computers in the Himalayan Mountains.”

Dee then told of an experience when about three years ago he took his friend Liesel Paris along to visit. “There was a woman about 80 years old who met us and she picked up our suitcases, day packs etc. and went right up the hill and didn’t look back. They appreciate everything you do. That’s how we got here tonight. All of the friends that I know personally did not get physically hurt in the earthquake but a lot of the houses have a lot of cracks and my friend’s sister’s home collapsed.”

After this, Liesel said she’d been able to Skype with some of the people they know. “It’s very different when you talk to somebody and look them in the face and actually see their agony and at the same time have a long conversation. My friend said ‘Buddha will help us,’ and I thought, ‘my gosh, I should have that kind of faith.’ They’re not complaining, but it will take a lot of time to rebuild.” Then the bowls began to sing as Mark Mobley and Denise Bradford led the audience into a gentle meditation of exquisite sound. As the bowls resonated with the group’s intention of compassion and healing, both inner and other-worldly vibrations connected Borrego with Nepal.

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