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Borrego Community Park Under the Planning Stage


Last updated 5/22/2015 at 3:11pm

Michael Sadler

An audience of nearly fifty adults and kids packed a room at the high school as Jill Bankston and her support team from the San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation asked questions and kept track of responses about community needs for the 16-acre park now under development south of the post office.

"We are excited to be working with such an engaged community," said Bankston. "And look forward to creating a successful park that residents and visitors of all ages can enjoy."

On April 29, audience members suggested park features, a Wish List of sorts, dutifully noted and recorded by Bankston's staff (see photo).

The next step is to prioritize the list of possible amenities and see which ones can or cannot be funded: "Must have" and "should have" and even "would like to have" items were all brought up at the meeting. The most popular audience features seemed to deal with shade and water. Palapas and shade trellises for seating and dining, plus misters and other water features. But there are also restroom and security issues that must be addressed.

Bankston and her staff will, after Labor Day, hold another public meeting in Borrego Springs to go over the 'Wish List' and get public input on priorities.

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