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Birds Flying On Their Hot and Natural Habitat


Last updated 6/1/2015 at 1:44pm

Dennis Hugee


These birds have a sturdy body with thick necks and long legs. They are heard and seen on high trees where they feed on leaves, insects, flowers, and fruit. They can also be found closer to ground eating fruit or sipping from hummingbirds feeders.


Dennis Hugee

These birds can feed at feeders or perch high on trees. They can also be found on ground feeding. They sit still to shell the seeds by crushing them with rapid bites. Finches in the Western United States can be found in their natural habitats of deserts, chaparral and open woods.


Roadrunners spend most of their time on ground chasing and feeding off of lizards, small mammals and birds. They kill their prey by holding it in its beak and slamming it on the ground. Roadrunners can reach a speed of up to 32 km/h. Their habitat is the hot Desert Southwest.


Raves are more slender then crows, with longer and narrower wings. Ravens are not as social with other raves and are likely to be seen alone. Some of their common habitats include evergreen forests, deserts. coasts, tundra, among others.

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