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Liars gather 'round the fire


Last updated 5/22/2015 at 3:25pm

Jeannie Beck

It's been said the liar's contest began 99 years ago, but considering the source, this is likely a lie. There's something, if not poetic, at least approaching beautiful, about relying on a liars club to provide information about itself. The details are really of little significance. It's the power and charm of the lie that is most appreciated by all concerned here. The Old Borego Pioneer Society sponsored the annual contest this year, which was held at dusk on April 4th. Fred Jee, president of the society officiated along with the colorful commentary of the Empress of the Salton Sea. Fred remarked about the unusually fine weather this year, as opposed to last year's cold and dusty gales. Henry the Truck and his sidekick, Denny DuVall, were there to represent roots in both Old Borego and the liars contest. The pair are reportedly working on an AUTO-biography about their adventures and are contributors to the Borrego Sun as well. Fred spoke about the importance of the old Borego Pioneer Society, "We don't want to lose the stories of what it was like back then." A few of the society's goals are to create a local interactive museum and restoring the first police vehicle in Borrego, owned and operated by Denny's dad, way back when.

As the night progressed, one liar promised to give clues about the location of Pegleg's gold from the 50 billion likely correlations he discovered on the internet. He said he encoded the information in a book he wrote by using the Bible code- every so many letters would spell out one of the possible locations. Another group of liars performed a purportedly original song written by Pegleg Smith, found in the Smithsonian. It recorded Pegleg's admiration and respect for his horse, Sue. Another guy reported searching for Pegleg's mine and ending up in the wind caves on a dark night- only to find some gold in his own nose. At this point a heckler cried out and the liar, who'd been passing out free raffle tickets all night, called out another winning number to cause a distraction. "I'm checking this time," he lied. As technical difficulties ensued, the Empress invited anyone to come up and sing or dance while the problem was being rectified. Finally a small voice called out from the dark... "I want to." The chaos was temporarily stilled as a little girl came up and sang, silencing the entire crowd. The technical difficulties were sorted out and the lies resumed with another song. It was a Marty Robbins remake... "Nighttime would find me at Carlee's Cantina ..." Another lie followed involving a woman filmmaker's attempt to create a movie about Pegleg's gold- – as her crew disappeared one by one, each leaving abruptly once they developed gold fever. One liar actually attempted to shame the other liars by reminding them the next day was Easter. Many lies were told and appreciated but in the end, the liars were rewarded with the coveted recycled trophies. One trophy was from the year 2000 and named a volleyball team in Pauma as the recipient.

So, another year and we continue ever further from the truth about Pegleg and his gold ... but the lies still dazzle with all the brilliance of fool's gold.

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