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 By Celeste Misch    Towns

Scouting Mission for Water from Sea of Cortez

Interview with Kerry F. Morrison, Executive Director and Giovanni Arechavaleta, Campaign Director/Biologist of EcoMedia Compass. Web Site: or A scouting expedition will be done in three... — Updated 10/22/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

West Shores Parks Association

Announcing … the West Shores Parks Association. Formed as an adjunct committee to the Salton Community Services Board, the West Shores Parks Association is ready to roll. In an organizational meeting held on Wednesday, September 30, the small group of community members and... — Updated 10/7/2015


Salton Sea - Drug Bust

Border Patrol Agents seized $291,600 worth of methamphetamine at the Salton Sea checkpoint Friday Oct. 2. Drug-sniffing dogs alerted agents to a 1999 gray Toyota Camry being driven by a 23-year-old male. After further inspection, 24 packages of methamphetamine were found hidden... — Updated 10/7/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

Big Glasses Giveaway

Friends-in-Sight, the statewide Lions vision initiative, will be holding a free vision screening, Saturday, September 12, 2015, at Desert Mirage High School, 86-150 Avenue 66 in Thermal. The vision screening will start at about 8:00 a.m. and finish at about 3:30 p.m. Members of... — Updated 9/24/2015


Salton Sea - Pedestrian Killed in Car Accident

A 59-year-old man was killed in a traffic accident in Mecca near Salton Sea on Monday, Sept. 26. Alberto Coyt-Gudino was crossing the street outside the crosswalk when he was hit by 61-year-old Margarita Ramirez driving a Toyota pickup truck going 50 mph. Coyt-Gudino died at the... — Updated 10/7/2015

Dying Sea

Impending Disaster of Salton Sea

"Averting Disaster: Action Now for the Salton Sea," is the title of the report from the Little Hoover Commission calling on the state to fund restoration projects from the Prop. 1 water bond that voters approved last year. The... — Updated 10/7/2015


Salton City – Dog Round-up

Following the September dog attacks in the Salton Sea community of North Shore, where one person was killed and another seriously injured by stray pit bulls, the Riverside County Department of Animal Services officers have announced they will be conducting a sweep of the area... — Updated 10/7/2015

 By Suzanne Howarth    Towns

Salton Sea – Let it Dry Up

California’s Little Hoover Commission released its long-awaited Salton Sea report Thursday, Sept. 24, several months after it held a fact-finding hearing in Palm Desert about what to do with the Salton Sea. One of the recommendations made by the independent agency was to... — Updated 10/7/2015


Salton Sea - 22 Pounds of Meth Found in Car

A couple tried to smuggle 22 pounds of methamphetamine through the Highway 86 checkpoint near Salton Sea on Wednesday morning. The 33-year-old man and 31-year-old woman hid the drug in 22 cylindrical packages in their 2008 gray Ford Fusion’s rocker panels. The drug-sniffing... — Updated 10/7/2015


Two Men Arraigned in Market Robbery in Salton Sea Community

Two men pleaded not guilty to charges involving their alleged roles in a violent armed robbery at a market on March 13 in the Salton Sea community of North Shore. Jacob Lee Couie of North Shore is charged with two counts of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon (baseball bat)... — Updated 9/24/2015

 By Jeannie Beck    Towns

Action On Ailing Salton Sea Urged

Imperial Irrigation District (IID) General Manager Kevin Kelly and Imperial County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova requested more action on the ailing Salton Sea at a State Water Resources Control Board meeting Thursday. Kelley sai... — Updated 9/24/2015


Salton Sea - Rotten Egg Smell

High levels of hydrogen sulfide, producing the smell of rotten eggs, has provoked an odor alert from the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Hydrogen sulfide results from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen gas, such as you would find in... — Updated 9/24/2015


Salton Sea - Bruce Wilcox Speaks

Newly appointed assistant secretary on Salton Sea policy Bruce Wilcox, has stated that the next Salton Sea Restoration meeting, to be held later this month, will see a variety of new plans ready to move forward. Water transfer and air quality projects are to be announced. Two... — Updated 9/24/2015

 By Suzanne Howarth    Towns

Salton Sea – Odor Sets New Record

Stationary air monitors northwest of the Salton Sea, in Mecca and the Torres-Martinez Reservation, have recorded elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide for the last nine days, said spokesman for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Sam Atwood. The odor has been detected... — Updated 9/24/2015


Salton Sea – Dog Attack Update

The man mauled to death by pit bulls near the Salton Sea has been identified as Emilio Rios, a 65-year-old resident of North Shore, according to coroner’s officials. Deputies arrived to find Rios dead in the front yard of his home, sheriff’s spokesman Armando Munoz said. A... — Updated 9/24/2015

 By Suzanne Howarth    Towns

Salton City – School Donations

Sea View Elementary School children had a surprise waiting for them when they got to school on Wednesday, September. 9 after representatives from the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office and El Centro Salvation Army delivered school supplies. Students will receive pencil boxes,... — Updated 9/24/2015

 By Suzanne Howarth    Towns

Salton Sea - Odor Advisory

An odor advisory was issued Sunday for the Coachella Valley, warning of a continuing trend of hydrogen sulfide gas emissions in the area. Southwestern winds could carry the odors to other areas of the Valley, according to the AQMD. Hourly average concentrations of hydrogen... — Updated 9/24/2015


Salton Sea- Emergency Landing

Two military helicopters made an emergency landing at 5:10 p.m. Thursday Sept. 3, in the Truckhaven area near Highway 86, according to the county Sheriff’s Office. Call logs state that the pilots of the helicopters notified authorities that mechanical issues necessitated the... — Updated 9/24/2015


Busy, Busy Lions

West Shores Lions have been busy over the summer. We meet throughout the year and, typically, use the slower summer months to plan projects and events for the coming year. Here’s what we’re thinking about right now: + continuing to work in supporting various programs at the th... — Updated 8/27/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

Salton Sea - Homeless Children

July 16 a number of West Shores’ residents joined folks from all over the Coachella Valley in a meeting to discuss homeless children in our area. Yes, there are homeless children, right here at the Salton Sea. The meeting was convened by Lothar Vasholz whose daughter and... — Updated 8/27/2015


Narcotics Seized at Highway 86 Checkpoint

Sixteen pounds of narcotics were seized at the Highway 86 checkpoint near Salton Sea on Friday at 7:00 a.m. A 30-year-old driver tried to smuggle 11 pounds of methamphetamine and five pounds of heroin worth $168,000. The driver hid the drugs in the frame of the 2002 Buick Park... — Updated 8/27/2015


IID Geothermal Energy Agreement

Imperial Irrigation District will turn to cleaner and renewable energy sources. The IID currently uses coal to create energy, however on Tuesday, Aug. 1, they came to an agreement with CalEnergy to buy 50 megawatts from its geothermal plants near the Salton Sea. The 10-year... — Updated 8/27/2015


Salton City - Methamphetamine Found

Six pounds of methamphetamine were found in the toilet of a commercial bus at the Highway 86 check point. Agents found three bundles of the drug wrapped with tape at 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 11. The amount was valued at $60,000. Agents were not able to determine who had hidden the drugs... — Updated 8/27/2015

 By Suzanne Howarth    Towns

Atomic Bomb 70th Anniversary

It's been seventy years since an atomic bomb was exploded over the city of Hiroshima, causing the beginning of the end for the war against Japan and an unprecedented toll on humanity. The Salton Sea played a pivotal role in... — Updated 8/27/2015

 By Celeste Misch    Towns

West Shores High 2015 Graduation: A Success Story

In 2011 there were rumors that the West Shores High School located in one of the poorest communities in the nation and rated by the Government as a 'Severely Disadvantaged Community' would be shut down by the State because the... — Updated 7/30/2015


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